How to Counter Dementia Using the Power of Words


From school, social interactions, down to your professional endeavors, you will surely outlast your rivals if you expand your mastery beyond the vernacular. But aside from the said benefits, there’s more to gain in learning how to speak other languages. Mind you; being a polygot can even spare you from the threats of dementia.

But what is dementia? Why it is considered as a serious threat to the old ones? Well, dementia is a degenerative condition that mostly affects senior citizens. This is a broad concept that boils down to the weakening of the mental faculties of a person. Alzheimer’s disease is the common form of dementia that is characterized by the gradual deterioration of the brain cells. People who are suffering from this disease will find it hard to remember things and couldn’t even carry out simple daily tasks.

According to experts, bilingualism or multilingualism certainly hinder the development of the diseases linked to dementia.  This is because bilingual and multilingual people keep their mind sharp by switching from one dialect to another. Also, polygots are known to handle complicated tasks, follow instructions, and modify sets of instructions in a short period. In other words, due to the extreme mental activities and cognitive prowess of these people, their minds tend to build some immunity against dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Fast Facts About Dementia 

  • Unsure Cause. The cause of dementia is not yet known. For this reason, don’t believe in some advertisements that offer a sure cure to this disease. 
  • Not a Muscle. The cliché’ ‘exercise your mind daily’ is far from reality. This is because our brain is involuntary, and you cannot do anything to control its activities. You don’t tell your brain to stop thinking, right? Therefore, if you are suffering from dementia, don’t stress your mind so much. Mental drills will never help you at all.
  • Unpredictable. You cannot predict the people who will develop this disease. This condition develops randomly to your system, and the onset is gradual.