Four Gadgets Designed for Diabetic Patients


Diabetes is a condition that requires lots of attention and monitoring. The food intake, weight, medications, and other vital information must be accurately recorded to assess a diabetic patient properly. Fortunately, modern technology has enabled doctors, health institutions and researchers to utilize new equipment, device, or gadget to help assess and monitor Diabetic patients.

Medical ID Phone Case

Having an ID comes in handy whenever health care providers ask you for information and details to address your concern correctly. Usually, hospital or clinics provide patients with an identification bracelet or necklace, which you have to wear and bring every time you visit for a check-up. By spending a few bucks more, you can upgrade your usual ID to an ID phone case which functions the same way as an ID bracelet.

The NovoPen Echo

This pen is not like your stereotypical pen. The NovoPen is a digital insulin pen that provides a half-unit of dosage. In addition to that, it can time and monitor your daily dosage intake to prevent you from an overdose or forgetting your shots. To date, this unique syringe is the most accurate insulin pen out there in the market.

G-Tone Watch

Aside from insulin intakes, glucose level should also be monitored regularly. This gadget is a non-invasive type of blood glucose monitor. As it is non-invasive, G-tone watch is a painless alternative to checking your blood sugar level. Using this device could be a relief for patients who have low pain tolerance.

Insight Scale

Last but not least, is a basic measurement device. It is not as high-tech as the other gadgets but it does a lot in assisting diabetic patients to check their feet for any signs of infections or improvements. Insight Scale allows patients to see the condition of their feet without having to lean and stretch down. The device employs a contraption of angled mirrors to reflect back the image. Using this device, a serious infection of the feet could be prevented.