Boombod Promises to Cure Diabetes; Faces Major Charges


A weight loss drink corporation recently made headlines after posting an advertisement that its products can cure diabetes.

According to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), it is an inexcusable practice to mislead people just to generate sales.  This is in line with the latest commercial of Boombod Teas and Drinks wherein testimonials were shown. According to the people who appeared in the said advertisement, their diabetes was healed after drinking Boombod teas.

The ASA was alarmed with this misleading ad since the company has 388,000 Instagram followers. 

The issue about the Boombod’s ‘malicious’ advertisement was brought before the office of ASA by diabetes patients. One of the complainants named Sandy Doran stressed that apart from testimonials, Boombod must also substantiate its claims by including clinical studies. Since the said company fails to provide such information, the complainants are convinced that the ad was made just to lure people.

Doran became emotional and said that diabetes is not a joke.

Doran became emotional and said that diabetes is not a joke. If not controlled, this illness can result in blindness, coma, and even death. She said that people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is incapable of producing a hormone called insulin. This hormone allows our body to absorb glucose (a type of sugar) from the food that we eat.

According to Dr. Partha Kar, a lot of hoax advertisements are making rounds on social media daily. Thus, people must know how to classify the real ad from the fraudulent one. 

If ASA found out (after thorough investigation) that Boombod’s really crossed the perimeters of responsible advertising, it can impose sanctions. ASA can even order the company to stop its operation if deemed necessary. 

Amidst this controversy, Boombod has yet to release a new statement. However, the company earlier said that all of their advertisements are credible and based only on real-life experiences.