Stretch and be SUPER Fit (Without the Help of a Pro Fitness Guru)


Several studies confirmed the positive impact of stretching. As a matter of fact, most sports require players to perform stretching first to avoid accidents.

While stretching is a no-brainer for most people, only a few understand the rationale of why this must be performed regularly.

If you want to know why flexing your muscles from time to time is a must, just read on.

Stretching:  Tidbits and Facts 

When you extend your muscles, your ligaments and joints are grinding with each other. Doctors suggested that every person must harness his or her motion range (the optimum movement potential of joints) to carry out tasks effectively. Based on studies, stretching is a very effective way to develop one’s motion range. However, you must be very careful about flexing your muscles. Remember that if you stretch the wrong way, you will just end up sustaining an injury.

How to be Healthy Using 3 Stretches

If you want to be fit, no need to hire a professional fitness coach. What you need to do is just to pack the right dose of discipline and perform stretching regularly.  Here are the common types of stretching that you can try at home.

  1. Static. Athletes usually perform this kind of physical drill. This involves extending the body’s reach to a certain point. Split is an example of static stretching.
  2. Ballistic. It is deemed to be the most dangerous flexing routine. Ballistic involves radical and abrupt movements. According to doctors, ballistic stretching is detrimental to the bones and ligaments.
  3. Active. People who want to subject their body to dynamic movements usually prefer this routine.  Just always remember that there is a need for you to apply more energy if you stick to this drill.