Benefits of Taking a Break Outside Your Office


Work can mentally exhaust you. Spending the entire day inside a stuffy office working can tire you. Luckily, there’s a solution to avoid being cranky at work. Go outside. 

Stand up and walk outside your office. Be it sitting on a bench in the courtyard or buying coffee in the nearby cafe. Studies show that being exposed to nature helps relieve mental fatigue. This helps improve performance at work. 

Here are some ways how going outside can help you.

Get Some Needed Vitamin D

Try to go outside and take in some sunshine. The sunlight is rich in Vitamin D, which helps strengthen your bones and improve the immune system. Spend around five to thirty minutes of sun exposure around 10 am to 3 pm to get sufficient Vitamin D.

Stroll Escape

Being trapped in an office chair for hours doesn’t improve your posture. Get out of the chair and take a walk outside. Outdoor exercise can help decrease tension, confusion, and anger. Short walking breaks also help lower obesity and other health risks. 

Nature Time

Pouring another cup of coffee is usually the first thing you do when you feel tired. Try going outside and spend time with nature. It can help increase the enthusiasm and energy of your body. Breathing fresh air can also help provide a positive effect overall, and it makes you feel better. 

Take In the Light

If your office doesn’t come with a window, you’d be at risk with Vitamin D deficiency. This can cause depression and sleeping disorders. Windowless workers usually suffer this because they spend too much time indoors. When you have the time, be sure to take lunch outside under the sun. 

Get Your Creative Juice Flowing

At times, you encounter a particularly difficult problem at work. Instead of spending your time wracking your head for solutions, step outside. Researchers found walking, whether indoors or outdoors, help boost creativity. Being outside can help you think outside the box. This will give you innovative solutions for the problem you’re facing.